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Dr. Ronald Espinoza

Dr. Ronald Espinoza is a Board Certified Plastic Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgeon. He received his medical degree from The New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in Brookville, NY. He completed his General Surgery residency at St. Barnabas Trauma Level 1 Hospital in the Bronx and continued his training there receiving his fellowship degree in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Espinoza is affiliated with the American Osteopathic Plastic Surgeons Association.

Dr. Espinoza has volunteered in the past for a medical missionary called “Milagros para Ninos”, helping children in his ancestral country of Ecuador with facial abnormalities and birth defects. This has been one of his most rewarding life experiences!

Dr. Espinoza loves spending his free time traveling with his wife Iris and their children, Olivia, Brooke and Maverick. He has also completed several marathons and enjoys keeping healthy.

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